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Quit Being Entitled and Get More Out of Life

Way to often in this world people want something for nothing. They feel entitled to things that they didn’t work for or earn. It’s a very frustrating thing to see.

Entitlement is just wrong. Why would someone ever thing that they can have something or something should be given to them when they did not earn it? It defies all logic and makes no sense. If you even explain that to a person who is often expecting something but doesn’t want to work for it they too will tell you its silly to expect it.

So why do these people expect to get something for nothing? There are many reasons for this including but not limited to our government, parents, schools and the people they hand around. These are all contributing factors.

But I feel the most important thing to focus on isn’t why this problems were caused in the first place but rather how do we solve them.

The number one way to become a well rounded individual and one who is not entitled is to simply give before you get. Go out and do something, anything for another person and don’t expect anything in return. Do something every day and over time you will get everything that you want out of life. However, you won’t feel entitled to it. You will have earned it.

Isn’t it much better to work for the things you want in life instead of waiting for our government to give us something we didn’t earn? Of course it is. So don’t be that guy or gal who is entitled. Instead earn the things you want out of life.

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