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Experiential Gift Giving – Give An Unforgettable Life Experience

As a world traveler for me experiential gift giving is the greatest of gifts! Invest in yourself and others experiences because at the end of our lives that is all we truly have.

My grandparents have helped me travel across the globe and launch a worldwide speaking career which began in third-world and impoverished nations where I comforted and uplifted the hurting. Some unforgettable trips were visiting genocide victims in Rwanda and helping a Muslim young man rebuild his house at the tsunami epicenter in Indonesia.

When my younger brother was struggling with substance abuse and going through a funk, I “kidnapped him” as I jokingly say and took him with me to Europe for his birthday and Christmas gift. It changed his life, enlarged his perspective, strengthened his self-esteem, and made him become more resourceful. After I helped get him a job teaching English in Honduras, I flew down to Costa Rica and helped get him a job there. Today he happily lives in the tropical paradise of Costa Rica and is surfing some of the best waves in the world!

My videographer experienced his first massage when I took him to Indonesia, where we island hopped and enjoyed many fantastic spas!

Other options are to pay for someone’s international language immersion program, send a family member to cooking school, finance your son’s sports camp, or your daughter’s dream to learn to dance.

Horseback riding is a favorite among young ladies. Sailing or surfing would be fun for adventurous guys. Go hiking or mountain climbing! Take up snow skiing. Leave the comfort zone and journey into a foreign country and culture to learn something about other people.

The ideas are endless, but the experiences priceless.

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