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What is the best vacation for retirement?

What is the best vacation for retirement?You’ve hit that magical age and you are walking away from your J-O-B.

Now what?  You’ll have to keep yourself busy doing something.  Hobbies will keep you occupied for a bit of time…

And then there is going to be the desire to get away.  You’ll need a vacation from your extended work vacation. Where will you go now that you are retired?  Option become much more open when you’re not bound to a desk or your job.

Prior to your retirement you’d probably been limited to a week, maybe ten days thanks to your company’s vacation policy. That’s no longer the case.   Your choices have blossomed and your realm of opportunity has magnified.

Of all the choices in vacations types, as a retiree, the opportunity to explore multiple locations, enjoy the finest of service, and spend time with a loved one or make new friends,  taking a cruise is what is the best vacation for retirement.

What is the best vacation for retirement - Cruise Ship

Cruise vacations range from 4 nights to month or longer excursions.  A week long cruise will typically take you to three or four ports with the option to explore the cities.  Cruise packages are available to take you just about anywhere you’d like to visit. 

What is the best vacation for retirement - alaskan cruise

There is a cruise package for every type of person and vacation.  Where do you want to explore:  Alaska, the Caribbean, a Grecian Getaway, a saunter Around the World, feel like soaking up some Asian allure or is it time to bring the grandkids and hit a Disney theme ship? 

The cruise line industry can find the ideal vacation for you and based completely around your budget and days you’d like to spend at sea.

What makes it appealing?

What is the best vacation for retirement -lobby

You are essentially on a floating city.  Depending on the cruise liner, they are nearly one to two football fields in length and hold thousand’s of guest.  The sailing is so smooth, if you couldn’t see the water, you’d never know you were on a gigantic boat.

Rooms can range from below deck cramped quarters to the ocean view suites with private patios.  There’s nothing better than sitting on your patio at night and listening the melodic sounds of the crashing waves against the hull of the ship.

What’s included in your cruise vacation?

What is the best vacation for retirement - buffet

First and foremost, a cruise vacation is nearly all inclusive.  Restaurants and buffets, events, and activities are part of the package.  If you’re someone who enjoys the slots or a little gambling and nice cocktail, those are going to be on your own dime.

What is the best vacation for retirement - Casino

Cruise lines spend a lot of money on bringing in top tier entertainers to perform on the ships ensuring your time aboard is filled with enjoyable activities.  With nightly shows, dancing and magic you’ll be as close to the Las Vegas Strip as you need to be.

What is the best vacation for retirement - entertainment

The bottom line to what is the best vacation for retirement?

A cruise will allow you to go almost anywhere on the globe.  You can choose your length of stay and you can also enjoy multiple port destinations on the same journey.

On your ship, you will have every luxury you can think of and a good portion of them will be included in your fare.

Take the time to experience a cruise vacation for yourself and you will see why they are so popular and perfect for a retiree.



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