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A Caribbean Paradise – The Shoal Bay Beach in Antigua

Beautiful Ffryes Beach in Antigua with rocks in the foreground and slightly blurred motion.Find more images from Antigua and the Montserrat Volcano in my Lightbox:

Almost everyone dreams of getting away from it all at one point or another. Discovering a beautiful island beach upon which to drink in the surrounding fabulous scenery is a high priority on almost everyone’s bucket list. The Shoal Bay Beach in Antigua is just such a place in the Caribbean.

The Island

A Caribbean Paradise - The Shoal Bay Beach in Antigua - island

Antigua is a small island located approximately 600 miles east and a little south of the Dominican Republic. Residing between the Atlantic Ocean on the east and the Caribbean Sea on the west, Antigua is the main island of the country of Antigua and Barbuda. The island of Antigua is approximately 14 miles long and 11 miles wide with the capital, St. John’s, residing in the northwest corner of the island. The island’s main airport is V.C. Bird International Airport. The airport is approximately 11 miles northeast of the St. John’s capital and just a few miles south of Shoal Bay Beach.

The Beach

A Caribbean Paradise - The Shoal Bay Beach in Antigua - beach

The beach itself is located approximately 9 miles northeast of the capital city of St. John’s. The inland edge of the beach is directly adjacent to the campus of the American University of Antigua. Of course, there are plenty of beautiful areas on Antigua, but if you’re looking for a more remote area to escape from the tourist attractions and overcrowded restaurants, Shoal Bay Beach is just the place for you. The beach is accessible by a 1/4 mile footpath from adjacent (and more heavily populated) Jabberwock Beach or the local Jabberwock Road.

Just imagine yourself taking in a stunning sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean while feeling the warm, constant trade wind breezes on your face. Temperatures are moderate here, with the average temps in the 70s, although a bit higher in the summertime. Soft, powdery sand, coupled with the warm breezes and low humidity and low foot traffic, make Shoal Bay Beach the perfect place to pretend you’ve entered paradise.



Since Shoal Bay Beach is more remote, there are no public bathroom facilities available near the beach. There are quite a few other attractions located near the beach including the Stanford Cricket Ground just a mile away for cricket enthusiasts. There is also the 18 holeCedar Valley Golf Club located just two miles away for those who want to play a round of golf surrounded by phenomenal island scenery. The closest town for exploration is Dickenson Bay, about 3 miles west of the beach. Although not as bustling as some of the other cities, it is directly on the western waters of the island, which makes for a perfect location to take in an evening sunset. There are also several museums, an art gallery, casinos and several historical sites within just a few miles of the beach.


ATTACHMENT DETAILS A-Caribbean-Paradise-The-Shoal-Bay-Beach-in-Antigua-beachcomber

There are several types of lodging for tourists on the island including cottages, hotels and resorts. Most accommodations are on the west side of the island, although a few places can be found on the east side. Very close to Shoal Bay Beach are the Dutchman’s Bay Cottages and the Antigua Beachcomber’s Hotel. The Sandpiper Reef Resort is also available on the island, as well as the adults-only Villas at Sunset Lane along with many other locations. You can find more information on where to stay on the island here.


A Caribbean Paradise - The Shoal Bay Beach in Antigua -Celia's Highpoint Cafe

Of course, no trip would be complete with knowing where to find great local eating establishments. The closest place to the beach is Celia’s Highpoint Cafe known for its amazing seafood dishes and desserts. There is a wide variety of cuisines found throughout the island including French, Caribbean, Bistro and Mediterranean. For a complete listing of restaurants and bars available on the island, visit here.

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