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Credit Card Rewards: The Disney Visa

Credit Card Rewards- The Disney Visa - Credit Cards

Looking for the most magical credit card rewards out there? If you’re a Disney fan, the Disney Visa might just be the credit card for you. After all, who wouldn’t be interested in using their day-to-day purchases to save on their next Disney movie purchase, or better yet, their upcoming Disney vacation?

The Disney Visa allows customers to do just that, and by putting all purchases on the card and paying it off before any interest accumulates, you could likely pay for an entire vacation using just the points from this card. Of course, this would take some extreme patience, but it could be done.

Here’s the skinny on this “magical” credit card. Read through these details and then decide for yourself if this is the card for you.

Credit Card Rewards- The Disney Visa - Disney Reward Visa

Disney offers two credit card options: the Disney Rewards Visa and the Disney Premier Visa. While they are very similar, there are a few differences. The most obvious difference is in the yearly fee. While the Disney Rewards Visa has no annual fee, the Disney Premier Visa has a $49 annual fee. While this fee is low in comparison to other cards with annual fees, it is still something to take into consideration. 

What do you get for that fee? There are two things the premier card offers that the lower-tier Disney card does not. The first difference is in the cash back. The Disney Rewards Visa offers 1% cash back on all purchases no matter where they are made. Meanwhile, the premier card offers card users 2% cash back on gas, groceries, restaurant, and almost all purchases made at a Disney store or park and 1% on all other purchases. Additionally, the Disney Premier Visa allows customers to use rewards to purchase airline miles, while the regular Disney Visa does not allow for this. 

Credit Card Rewards- The Disney Visa - Perks

Other than those two things, the cards are virtually the same. They both allow card holders to use their reward dollars toward Disney merchandise as well as Disney vacations. As if that wasn’t enough, card holders benefit from such special touches as an exclusive meet-and-greet at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World, discounts at Disney parks, a VIP package if they choose to see Disney Broadway productions, and much more! By owning a Disney Visa you open up a whole new world of Disney magic.

There are a few downsides to this card though. For one, the cash-back percentage is not as high as what you may receive when using other cash-back cards. However, if you are a huge Disney fan, the other cardholder perks may offset this negative. Other cons include a foreign transaction fee and some (possibly unexpected) stipulations on rewards redemption. Be sure to read the fine print before applying for this or any credit card.

If you do decide to apply for a Disney Visa, they usually do offer a nice little sign-up bonus. Currently, the bonus is in the form of a Disney gift card. For the lower-tier Visa, cardholders are able to earn a $50 gift card after their first purchase made with their new card. Premier cardholders have the opportunity to earn a $100 gift card when they spend $500 on their Visa within the first three months of having it.

Credit Card Rewards- The Disney Visa - Disney Premier Visa

All in all, the Disney Visa is a great option for anyone who loves Disney or is planning a Disney vacation. It is a good, solid card with decent rewards and a low or non-existent annual fee. The card designs are adorable, and with ten to choose from, you are sure to find one you like. You can apply for your own Disney Visa here

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