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Credit Card Rewards – The Discover it Miles Card


Credit Card Rewards - The Discover it® Miles Card - card

Tourists and travelers will be delighted with the Discover it® Miles credit card as they reel in an unlimited 1.5 reward miles for every dollar they spend in purchases.  Discover is known for doubling the rewards they offer as an annual year-end bonus for their customers and they offer this amazing feature to their Discover it® Miles credit card users as well.

Credit Card Rewards - The Discover it® Miles Card - airplanes

Double Rewards

As a special bonus, Discover will double their credit card rewards for new Discover it® Miles card members at the end of their first year.  So, if a card holder earns 50,000 reward miles by the end of 12 consecutive months, Discover will match those miles for a total of 100,000 reward miles.  This is great for customers who know they have an important trip coming up such as a honeymoon, a once-in-a-lifetime vacation or perhaps an anniversary trip.

Credit Card Rewards - The Discover it® Miles Card - computer

Credit Card Details 

There are no special categories or quarterly rewards to sign up for in order to get 1.5 miles for every dollar charged to the card.  This simplifies the reward process for many, as card holders do not have to remember to make adjustments to their card on a regular basis in order to get great rewards.  This particular card also has no annual fee which is another nice feature.  Another great aspect of this card is the 0% interest rate on all charges for the first 12 months.  So essentially, card holders can earn substantial miles for a free trip without an annual fee, interest charges or any other hidden fees.  New card holders, therefore, really have nothing to lose and a free trip to gain by trying out the Discover it® Miles card.

Credit Card Rewards - The Discover it® Miles Card - statement

Other Card Features

If card holders decide to keep their Discover card, after the first 12 months they will pay a variable interest rate between 11.24% and 23.24%.  Discover will not raise the interest rate for those who pay late.  However, prudent credit card users try to pay off their balance every month so as not to incur any interest charges that reduce the positive benefits of reward miles.  When it comes to using the reward miles, there are no blackout dates and all airlines are eligible.  Miles redemption starts at 100 reward miles.  Card users simply use their reward miles as a statement credit against travel charges or they can redeem $1 in cash for every 100 miles in rewards.  Reward miles will never expire, although Discover will automatically credit them to a card user’s account if the account has not been used in 18 months or the card holder actually closes the account.

Credit Card Rewards - The Discover it® Miles Card - credit report

Special Perks

Discover also offers special perks that go above and beyond the norm.  They allow card users to track their credit score for free, both online and on their credit card statement.  They also reimburse as a statement credit, up to $30 annually in wi-fi charges made in-flight.  They will replace cards with free overnight shipping for any reason and freezing a card is as simple as using their mobile app or website to stop all charges, cash advances and balance transfers in the event a card becomes lost or stolen.  Discover also monitors all activity on accounts and notifies the account holder if they detect any unusual or suspicious credit card activity.

Discover does not charge for pay-by-phone payments, nor do they charge a late fee, at least for the first late payment.  Travelers will also appreciate that Discover does not charge any foreign transaction fees.

Where to Apply

Those interested in finding out more about the Discover it® Miles credit card can click here.  The link offers more information about the card and provides a link to apply for the card.

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