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Find The Garden of Eden at The Source d’Argent Beach of Seychelles

The Source d’Argent Beach of Seychelles residing in the Indian Ocean is actually referred to at times, as the Garden of Eden. Anyone who has “visit beautiful beaches” on their bucket list should consider visiting the tiny country of Seychelles, about 1,000 miles off the coast of central East Africa. The beach, residing on the island of La Digue, rates as one of the three most popular beaches in the world. It is one of the most photographed beaches as well. The tiny island of La Digue, the fourth largest of all the islands that make up Seychelles, is two miles at its widest point and 3 miles long at its maximum length.

How to Get There and Where to Stay

Visitors must first fly into the airport on the nearby island of Mahe from international airports in Paris, Munich, London or Zurich. Once on the island of Mahe, tourists then can travel to La Digue Island by helicopter or ferry. Once on the ground, transportation around the island is simple. Ox carts are available for larger groups and bike rental is common for most individual travelers. Of course, traveling such a long way requires overnight accommodations. The largest hotel, the La Digue Island Lodge, offers guests a choice of private bungalows or chalets. Choppy’s Beach Bungalows is another local establishment that boasts 10 rooms for guests. Both establishments are within walking distance of the beach.

The Source d’Argent Beach

The beach itself is in the southwest corner of La Digue Island. Tourists all over the world are attracted to the beach because of its stunning pink sand, shallow waters and excellent conditions for swimming and snorkeling (at high tide). The beach is family friendly as well, due to the natural shade provided by palm trees and other vegetation, and the coral reef that ensures the beach has small, calm waves and shallow, clear water.

For those that want to spend the day at the beach, they will appreciate the amenities found near the park entrance including toilets, a restaurant and nearby fruit stands. The local hotels offer snorkeling equipment for rent, as well as day trips around the region.

Guests can stroll along the two-mile stretch of beach and admire mountain peaks in the distance. In addition, bird and tortoise watching are common attractions, as well as trips inward to explore the rest of the island.

Island Food

Tourists might wonder if they can find an appealing meal on a tiny island in the middle of the ocean, but they need not worry. Most of the local restaurants serve Creole-oriented dishes, but also offer other menu items as well. The Gala Takeaway, Lanboursir, the Pizzeria at Gregoire’s and the Le Relax Beach House Restaurant are all rated at least 4 stars. Other notable restaurants in the area include the Restaurant Patatron at the Hotel L’Ocean and the P’cheur Restaurant at the La Digue Island Lodge. In addition to the emphasis on Creole dishes, fresh fish is another popular choice, which should come as no surprise considering the regional island surroundings. The atmosphere throughout the island is casual (remember the ox carts for transportation), yet still manages to come across as classy and understated as well. The emphasis is on allowing the natural beauty of the island to delight guests rather than attraction by sprawling casinos or resorts.

Travel Tips

You can use credit cards for major purchases such as organized tours, transportation and lodging expenses. The local currency is the Seychelles rupee but if necessary, foreign currency can be exchanged for local currency. All visitors to the island must have a passport, proof of accommodation and a return ticket, although a travel visa is not required to visit the island.




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