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The Island Beauty of Cala Saona Beach, Formentera



Any trip to Southern Europe has to include an excursion to the Mediterranean Sea, preferably one of its beautiful islands. And once you’re there, why not check out some of the most gorgeous beaches in the world? Especially if you are vacationing on or visiting Formentera,the Cala Saona Beach in Formentera is a must-visit.

Unlike most other beaches on the Mediterranean Sea, Cala Saona beach is not located directly on the coast. That, above all, means one thing: calm, warm, and shallow waters. Any visitor to the Mediterranean knows about the crystal clear, turquoise beauty of its water. As it turns out, and as Cala Saona proves, that quality only gets amplified for a beach located safely in a bay.

Typical Beach and Adventurous Cliffs


In many ways Cala Saona is your typical Mediterranean beach: a swath of white sand, nestled into the coast of Formentera. But at the same time, it’s so much more. In fact, the bay that is home to the area is formed in large part by jagged rocks and cliff that add a touch of adventure to the area.

You can decide to spend your time simply enjoying laying in the white sand and watching the water, going for the occasional splash. Or you can begin to climb, and enjoy the same, beautiful water from one of the cliff faces. The cliffs also offer an overview of the beach and bay, making for perfect picture opportunities. In other words, Cala Saona has something to offer for every type of traveler.

Taking a Break and Getting Adventurous


Right behind the beach is Hotel Cala Saona, offering a perfect reprieve whether you are looking to get some rest away from the sand or go on adventures in the water. The hotel, along with its 4.5 rating on TripAdvisor, offers both a restaurant and a spa for those among us who get weary of the sandy beach.

If you want to stay in the water, of course, the proximity of the hotel provides further benefits that go beyond public restrooms. In fact, it rents out boats and surfboards, allowing visitors to go on small as their less adventurous companions stay behind roasting in the sun.

Getting to Cala Saona


As the smallest of the Spanish Balearic islands, Formentera does not have its own airport. You can, however, catch a boat either from Spain’s mainland in Barcelona or Valencia that takes you to Ibiza, or fly directly into the larger island. From there, regular ferries get youonto Formentera. The last leg of your trip will only take 30 minutes, which also happens to be the frequency at which ferries take passengers from island to island.

Once there, you can take advantage of buses that get their passengers to any desired point on the island. Your fee will not exceed €2, ensuring a reasonably-priced day trip to a beautiful beach.

Exploring the Island

Cala Saona is beautiful, but you may want to see more of the island. Its beaches are renowned across Europe, thanks to their natural beauty and the lush Mediterranean sea. This guide can give you a better understanding of what makes Formentera‘s beaches so unique, as well as a number of other locations you may want to give a closer look.


Of course, if the weather is not quite right or you simply are not a fan of nonstop beach tours, you have alternative options on the island as well. Foremost among them is San Francisco, the island’s capital and administrative center. Here, you can enjoy traditional Spanish life, complete with local craftsmen and authentic bars and shops.

In short, Cala Saona Beach in Formentera is well worth your time. If you’re in Southern Europe, make it a point to stop by, admire the red rocks – and enjoy yourself in the warm, calm, and shallow water.

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