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Silvercar: The Evolving Future of Car Rentals

Silvercar- The Evolving Future of Car Rentals - Silvercar

Renting a car when you get to the airport is often a long, frustrating process. You’ll stand in line, waiting to get to the front, only to discover when you get there that the car you really need or were expecting is nowhere to be found. You’ve been “upgraded” to a bus on wheels that you don’t really want to drive, or your “sedan” is the size of a jelly bean on wheels, with only a fraction of the cargo space needed to get you and your luggage where you need to go. The solution? Silvercar.

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Silvercar- The Evolving Future of Car Rentals - Audi

One Car Every Time

With Silvercar, you’ll always know exactly what you’re getting when you arrive at your destination. No surprises. No apologies for a vehicle you need that simply isn’t available. Instead, you’ll get a new silver Audi A4 with every registration through Silvercar. It was born through a simple concept: providing an appropriately “cool” car that will offer everyone the ideal experience, every time. No ending up with the boring white van for your bachelor or bachelorette weekend. No getting to the rental agency only to discover that your “small car” is really a tank on wheels that you can barely maneuver through traffic. Silvercar offers the same car for every driver, every time.

This process of giving each driver the same car every time is one of the features that so clearly sets Silvercar apart. Unlike Henry Ford, Silvercar isn’t attempting to say that there’s only one car needed for every driver across America. Instead, they’re saying that they’re going to provide a premium vehicle that will serve the needs of drivers across their covered areas efficiently and without ignoring the “cool” factor necessary when you’re hitting the road. 

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Skip the Lines

You’ve already spent a long day traveling. You stood in line to get on your plane, you stood in line to claim your baggage, and those tedious security checks ate up more of your day than you want to admit. Then you’re finally ready to leave, and…there’s another line to wait in? It’s little wonder that rental car agencies frequently get the brunt of people’s bad tempers. With Silvercar, you don’t have to worry about waiting in line. Instead, you take care of all of the “paperwork” through an app. When you’re ready to leave, simply acknowledge it in the Silvercar app, and a car and driver will pick you up and take you straight to the lot. No waiting, no lines, and no hassle: just a seamless experience that will have you raving to your friends.

No Extra Fees

The “bottom line” for renting a car all too often turns out to be just a baseline. By the time you add on other fees, you can see things like $9 a gallon gas for topping off the tank at the end of your trip if you bring the car back anywhere under full, fees for having a second driver, and fees for premium features. Silvercar ditches the extra fees and allows their drivers to pay a solid price that is exactly what they expect when they reserve a vehicle. 

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Silvercar- The Evolving Future of Car Rentals - W

Silvercar operates out of Austin, Chicago O’Hare, Dallas Love Field, and Dallas Fort Worth. For travelers in these areas, it’s the perfect way to rent a car for a business trip, family excursion, or private vacation without dealing with all of the associated hassle. If you’re thinking about renting a car for your next trip, check out Silvercar to learn more about the incredible convenience offered by renting a car through an app instead of at a stand surrounded by an endless line.

Earn $25 when you reserve with this code: ZEYKGCOB




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