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Top 7 Travel Destinations In The World

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Traveling the world has become the fortune of “the people”.  We should not take for granted the ease in which we can venture to distant lands, tasting cultures and soaking up timeless creations.  Our world has countless destinations that can fill your soul, breathe life into your heart and transform your being.

A List of the Top 7 Travel Destinations In The World

1.  Marrakech, Morocco

Top 7 Travel Destinations In The World-Marrakesh

For hundreds of years the “Red City” of Marrakesh has inspired its visitors with vibrant energy, tantalizing history and fanciful mix of Arab, European, and African influence.

A quite magical place over flowing with markets, gardens, palaces and mosques (you many not enter unless you are Muslim).  The medina may take a day to explore and well worth the time with it’s vibrance and energetic flow.  Find the magic of Marrakech by visiting mythical Kasbahs or pleasure yourself with more modern times in hip cafes and riads that mirror the Moroccan modernistic side.  And after an eventful evening, take solitude in the Jardin Majorelle and find your internal harmony.

Top 7 Travel Destinations In The World-Marrakesh

Exploring the surroundings, the Sahara, is a vast yet spectacular view that sears the brain as you venture through a country toppling over with adventure. 

From land to see, hike the scenic Atlas Mountains or catch a wave as they surge on the Atlantic coast beaches.

2.  Paris, France

Arc de Triomphe sunrise


Lovers come to fall back in love, strangers find love at first site. Truly one of the most beautiful cities on earth and the most romantic destination known to man or woman.  Strolling the city will bring you to the glorious Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe

top 7 travel destinations in the world - paris

A city filled with history, a must stop at the Louvre to see what exhibits are premiering and taking a glance at the famed Mona Lisa or stoking your spirit a Notre Dame.

top 7 travel destinations in the world - paris

An ideal Parisian experience is both leisurely and lively.  Saunter the Champ Elysee with a fresh baguette and hunk of cheese or a box of petite ours prior to dining and satiating your appetite with rich and exotic plates.

top 7 travel destinations in the world - paris

Shopping is premier in Paris, with the elite in fashion.  A stop at Marche aux Puces de Montreuil for a good deal or for other goods at Marche Biologique Raspail.

Set time aside to enjoy the esteemed Moulin Rouge and a risqué experience.

3.  Prague, Czech Republic

top 7 travel destinations in the world - prague

Considered one of Europe’s most spectacularly preserved cities, Prague’s riverside is beyond romantic, enhanced by it’s age-crafted bridges and glorious skyline.  Puncturing the sky with its medical church spires, the historic city meets nature in a blend of perfection.

Stepping into Old Town, the historic 1000 year old plan takes you back to its glory days.  A city lined with ancient squares (Old Town) and cobble stone streets that wind to and fro, the city will steal your heart.

Venture off to the Prague castles, haunting views bellowing from across the Vltava River.  Feeling like taking in a libation, step into a cellar or two, which is where Prague’s best known bars are hiding.

top 7 travel destinations in the world - prague

A bridge is not just a bridge and Charles Bridge is one of the finest works to lay your eyes on.

With the sounds of classical music ringing in your ears and the mythical architecture, your love for the Prague will reach new heights.

4.  Rome, Italy

Not built in a day, Vatican City, Italy’s lively capital flourishes in the current day.  There is no other city on the planet that relishes it’s past as powerfully as Rome.   The timeless city takes much more than a day to soak up all the history.  Stroll down through the open-air markets and enjoy the views of piazzas as you find your way at the Trevi Fountain.  Make sure you toss a coin in and make a wish.

Top 7 Travel Destinations In The World--rome

Engulf yourself in the power of the Colosseum and the Pantheon and after a full day of city walking, stop for a perfectly poured shot of espresso and the world’s finest gelato.

Before you leave the city, you must spend time at Campo e’Fiori or Via Veneto for a most enjoyable shopping experience.

Top 7 Travel Destinations In The World--rome

And the cuisine.  Enjoy handfuls of your most memorable meals, dining on fresh pasta, seasonal white truffles and bottle of wine that will tantalize your taste buds.

5.  Hanoi, Vietnam

Top 7 Travel Destinations In The World-hanoi

The Old Quarter, monuments and colonial architecture of the Vietnamese capital has aged incredibly well and thus left gorgeous structures and sites to photograph on your trip.  In addition, they have made way to create much more modern developments that sit perfectly with the historic sites.

Formerly knowns as the “ascending dragon”, the city of Thang Long is now Hanoi and continues to pay homage to its past.

Top 7 Travel Destinations In The World-hanoi

Sties to visit will be Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum and Hoa Lo Prison will leave marked impressions.

Among the 600 temples and pagodas, lakes, parks and tree lined boulevards increase the love of this beautiful city.

6.  Ubud, Indonesia

 top 7 travel destinations in the world - ubud

A most magical and relaxing land and well worth the travel time.  If you are a spa and massage afficionado, Ubud is the perfect destination for your vacation.  Their village clustered lands are known for the famed Balinese massage.  Here you can lavash in the ambiance of Asia’s top spa destination.  Known for acupressure, reflexology, stretching and aromatherapy all stand out in the island’s firm massage therapy treatments.

top 7 travel destinations in the world - ubud

The Ubud art scene is lively and the epicenter to galleries and museums.

One your excursions must be to Gunung Kawi, which is home to the valley of tomb clusters.

Do not miss the Monkey Forest Park, a nature reserve home to hundreds of long-tailed macaques.  Hold on to your belongings as these fiesta creatures will be quick to take your loose items.

top 7 travel destinations in the world - ubud

7.  Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Top 7 Travel Destinations In The World -Amsterdam


A city chalked filled with colorful homes, street lined canals and gorgeous bridges, this is one of Europe’s most spectacular capitals.  While in Amsterdam a visit to the Anne Frank House is a must.The city boasts the only floating flower market and you do not want to miss a trip to the Van Gogh Museum.

Top 7 Travel Destinations In The World-amsterdam

Travel around is made easy with bikes on nearly every corner.  Rent one for yourself and join the thousands of locals who navigate the maze-like streets.  Make sure to stop and take the time to venture off on foot to see the historic city’s sights.

If you are an adventurous traveller, bypass the hotel stay and enjoy a day or two on one of the many houseboats.

Top 7 Travel Destinations In The World-amsterdam

To limit your destinations to the Top 7 Travel Destinations In The World leaves ample room for more than 10 times as many places that are must experience in ones lifetime.




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