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The Ultimate Travel Hack: Taking an All Inclusive Vacation for Free

The Ultimate Travel Hack- Taking an All Inclusive Vacation for FreeHeading out on vacation is an expensive proposition. When you start planning a large event, your first consideration may be how much it’s going to cost you. Fortunately, there is one ultimate travel hack that will allow you to take your entire vacation for free: booking with a group and receiving the group block rate, which often includes complimentary rooms over a certain party size.

How to Acquire a Free All-Inclusive Vacation

Depending on the resort or facility, the number of vacationers required in order to receive complimentary rooms may vary. Some may start it with as low as fifteen guests, while others will prefer that you have thirty, forty, or more rooms booked before they start to offer complimentary rooms. Typically, these complimentary rooms are based on “room nights.” A room night is the number of nights your party will be staying multiplied by the number of rooms your party needs. For example, if the complimentary room rate is 40 room nights, and you have a party of 30 rooms staying for 4 nights, you’ll receive three complimentary room nights. Book the full forty rooms for those nights, on the other hand, and your stay could be free every night of the trip. 

In order to discover the complimentary room rates for your preferred resort, contact the resort management! They may be willing to work with you, especially if you’ve contacted other resorts in the area. Contacting them online is also a viable option. If your preferred resort doesn’t offer complimentary rooms, you can always let them know what other facilities have offered. The bigger your group, the better the odds that the hotel manager will be willing to make you a better offer.

Receiving the Free Room

The Ultimate Travel Hack- Taking an All Inclusive Vacation for Free - All inclusive

If you’re traveling with a random group of family or friends, deciding what to do with those complimentary room nights can be a challenge. You don’t want to simply snatch them up because you were the vacation planner. Often, complimentary rooms go to some of the following individuals:

  • The family matriarch or patriarch 
  • The bride and groom in a wedding
  • A coach or teacher associated with a sports team
  • Individuals in the group who are least able to afford it–especially if the group wants them along anyway
  • VIPs at corporate events

If you’re the one doing the event planning by default, make sure you discuss the complimentary rooms with the party as a whole. Being honest and up front about your plans, whether you decide to spread the discount between family members or offer it to a particular individual, is far better than causing problems later. 

Amenities Matter

When it comes time to choose your resort vacation, it’s important to know what you’re looking for in your stay. It doesn’t all come down to the bottom line, though that can have a significant impact on your plans! Free rooms don’t do anyone any good if the amenities you need most are missing from your stay. Be sure to ask about what is included in the all-inclusive resort package, and check out any hidden fees that may come back to bite you later. 

The Ultimate Travel Hack- Taking an All Inclusive Vacation for Free - Save money

Vacationing is expensive, but the cost doesn’t have to be prohibitive! Whether you’re the event planner for a huge event at an all-inclusive resort, getting ready to host your wedding, or you’re the family member who happened to be conscripted to plan this event, blocking large groups of rooms can help reduce the cost for all of your guests. Complimentary rooms that erase the cost for some guests entirely are an added bonus that can make your trip guilt-free–at least on the financial end. 



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