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What You Need To Know Before Visiting The Glass Beach


Most people have heard about The Glass Beach at some point in their lives. However, this incredible beach—located in Fort Bragg, CA—is something that simply must be seen in order to understand the beauty held there.

So, what makes this beach so gorgeous? It’s all in the glass. Because this beach was a dump site for a great many years, a large amount of glass has gathered there and been ground smooth by the waves, salt, and sand. This process has left the glass smooth, shiny, and absolutely stunning when it glints in the sunlight, and because there is so much of the sanded glass, the beach is absolutely sparkling when the sun is out.


Before the Beach

You will definitely want to fuel up before heading out on your glass beach adventure. The best place to do this? According to locals, Cafe One has some pretty amazing breakfast options.

If it’s coffee you’re after, try making a stop at Headlands Coffee. Not only will you get your morning latte, but it may just include some incredible latte art as well. Nothing goes better with coffee than art, and a bit of fabulous art is the perfect way to start a day of viewing beauty.


The Three Beaches

Generally speaking, what people refer to as “the glass beach” is the third of three beautiful beaches. This location, Glass Beach #3, is the easiest to access and therefore the most popular. It is located in MacKerricher State Park and is truly a sight to see. Unfortunately, due to visitors who break the rules, the glass on this beach is often picked over at the end of the summer season, making it less stunning than the other two beaches.


The second beach, Glass Beach #2, is located about 100 yards south of Beach #3, and is slightly more difficult to reach as the venture requires a bit of climbing down short (but very steep) cliffs. For this reason, the beach is less frequented than the third beach, and the glass is plentiful. In fact, the glass is so deep on this beach, one can wade into it up to their ankles.


The final beach is Glass Beach #1. This location was only recently made accessible on foot. It is by far the most natural of the three beaches as it has been visited far less often. This is the place to go to see the natural beauty of sea glass on the California coast.

No matter which beach you visit, be sure to leave the glass behind. While it may be tempting to snatch up a piece or two and save them as souvenirs, the truth of the matter is that too many tourists taking glass home will result in a glass-less beach.

After the Beach


After seeing the beauty of the beach—or beaches, should you choose to be a bit more adventurous—you will definitely want to visit the Sea Glass Museum. This attraction is free to the public and has some of the most interesting pieces of sea glass on display. Every color, shape, and size you can imagine is included in this collection of lovely sea glass pieces, making it a fun place to look around for awhile.



To cap off a wonderful visit to the glass beach, be sure to pay a visit to Jenny’s Giant Burger for a good old-fashioned meal. You’ll feel right at home in their cozy restaurant, and your taste buds will appreciate the quality food they serve up.

Cowlick's Hand Made Ice Cream Fort Bragg CA

Cowlick’s Hand Made Ice Cream Fort Bragg CA

For dessert, head on over to Cowlicks Ice Cream. This little shop offers some amazing artisanal ice cream treats you won’t be able to resist. After all, nothing is better than a good scoop of ice cream after a big day at the beach!

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